How is the standard Sales Force Report calculated?

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The Sales Force Report is one of Skynamo's standard reports. The sales force report ranks reps relative to one another, based on 4 performance criteria. The 4 criteria are:

1)    Number of visits

2)    Number of orders

3)    Hit rate (orders per visit) and

4)    Average order value

What the calculation does, is it calculates the relative score for each measure individually by looking at the percentage rank. This gives a 1 for the top rep and 0.5 for the median rep etc. Note that if the top rep has 1000 visits and the median rep has 5 visits, the top rep still gets 1 and the median rep still gets 0.5.

The 4 contributing factors are added up into a total score. The total score is then scaled so that the top rep scores 10 and the bottom rep scores 0.

Attached to this article is a spreadsheet that shows the calculations.

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