How to edit Stock levels on the Skynamo web interface

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If you have previously imported stock levels for products at warehouses on Skynamo, you are able to edit the stock levels one by one, should you prefer to do so. Alternatively, if you do not want to change the stock levels one by one, you can reimport the correct stock levels using the stock levels import template found here. This article explains how stock levels are edited one product at a time.

Note, this is only done if you do not have stock levels integration set up between your ERP system and Skynamo. If you do have integration, all changes will be overwritten if integration runs between your ERP system and Skynamo.

Editing the stock levels of one product manually

Navigate to the Products tab form the menu bar and search for the product that you will edit the stock levels for. Click on the product.


Under the product's profile, click on Stock levels.


Enter the correct values and click Save. Your stock levels will now be saved according to the new values.


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