How to Handle Prospects When You Have Integration

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One of Skynamo's greatest strengths, is the ability for users in the field to simply add a new prospective customer directly from the Field application, and then being able to immediately load up interactions to this prospect. 

This does, however, present the opportunity for duplication if there is integration involved. This article will help Skynamo users to prevent this issue.

Firstly, it's important to note that Skynamo uses Customer Codes as the unique customer identifier. All new customers added directly from Skynamo, has a code prepended with an "HB_":



Secondly, let's discuss briefly how integration creates customers on Skynamo. When a new customer added from the Field application finally converts to an actual paying customer, they typically get loaded onto your ERP system. Skynamo then creates this customer on the Skynamo database (with the Account Code as the unique code). This is usually where the duplication then occurs.

To prevent this issue, all you need to do is update the "Code" of the Prospective customer BEFORE the integration runs. When you add a new customer onto your ERP/financial system, immediately log onto the Web interface, and navigate to the relevant customer:



Update the "Code" to match the one on your ERP:


Then "Save":


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