How to enable the Show only listed products option on the new order form Android

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This article explains how you can use the Show only listed products filter on the Skynamo app that will enable you to only see products that the specific customer has previously ordered when you want to place an order or quote. This is especially helpful when you have a large product base and you want to save time.

Use the following steps to make sure you have switched over to the new order form, and to use your listed products feature.

Switch over to the new order form

From your Dashboard navigate to your Skynamo settings:



Select your Order Form option and ensure the “Use new and improved order form” box is selected. You will now be working on the new Skynamo order form::



Enable the Show only listed products filter

Once you have started a new order, and you are at your product selection phase, you can choose to see only products previously ordered at the customer. To do this click on your product filter:



The top option with the product filter is the “Show only listed products” option. This will only show you previously ordered products on the products list.

Click on apply to save the changes:


You will now only see the products that this customer has previously ordered.

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