GPS Kilometers Not Calculating -- HUAWEI.

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Let me start by providing an example of what is experienced out in the field:

 You will notice the 0 Km traveled in the screenshot below, after in fact, the rep has traveled already.





If you look in the screenshots above, you may note that some distance was traveled, but only part of the route is calculated.

This phenomenon occurs when the Huawei device goes into a power savings plan, more specifically, only certain apps are allowed access to run after the screen is turned off.

Here follows a brief guide on correcting / solving the situation:

 1) Open your "Settings: on your device.


 2) Select the "Battery" option 


3) Select "Launch"


4) Select the "Manage batch manually" option 


5) From your lists of Apps, please turn the option off for Skynamo, by sliding the blue cursor, so that it now displays in white (meaning that for Skynamo, App launch will not be managed automatically anymore).

6) After deselecting Skynamo, three options will be given now that you manage app launch manually: Auto-launch, Secondary launch, and Run in background. Please ensure that all three options are still enabled, as shown below:

Click on OK and double check that Automatic app launch for Skynamo is turned off:


After following the above steps your issue should be resolved. Please confirm these changes by restarting your device.













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