What is syncing, and how does it work

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Syncing is the process whereby Skynamo keeps its databases updated. This requires a working internet connection between mobile devices and our Skynamo servers i.e. between Skynamo Field and Skynamo Insights (the Web interface).

The process is depicted in the image below:



Your database is stored on Skynamo Insights (Users, Customers, Products, Stock Levels, price Lists, Forms, etc.).

This is the central "hub", which collects and organizes all of your data.

The mobile devices (Skynamo Field) then each receives a subset of the database, based upon customer assignments to users.

If the mobile device has a working internet connection, it checks our servers for any changes every five minutes.

When all the changes of the mobile device have been sent up to Skynamo Insights and all changes on Skynamo Insights has been sent to the device successfully, then the two are "in sync". 

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