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Skynamo has a dedicated support team to help our users through the setup process and to help address any problems, issues and queries related to the use of our software.

New Setup SLA’s

We commit to the timelines mentioned below, based on the following conditions:


  • The data we receive is in Skynamo format (simple xlsx or csv, we will provide templates)
  • The data we receive is complete
  • The data we receive is accurate
  • A detailed setup discussion with the support team has taken place

SLA Timelines (if all conditions have been met):

  • No Integration – 72 hours from “Data Received” to “Credentials Sent”
  • Bespoke File Exchange Integration – 4 weeks from “Data Received” to “Credentials Sent”
  • Standard Integration – 2 weeks from “Admin Access Received” to “Credentials Sent”
  • Advanced Integration – TBC

Existing Client SLA’s

We make use of a support ticketing system called Zendesk. You can log a ticket automatically by emailing, or by calling the Skynamo Hotline on 0861 345 345.

When a request is logged, it gets classified into one of 9 different categories (please see our CAT ppt for explanations and examples):

  • CAT 1: Common Issues
  • CAT 2: Data Entry
  • CAT 3: Complex Data Entry
  • CAT 4: Troubleshooting / Complex Issues
  • CAT 5: Automated System Mails
  • CAT 6: Debug Emails
  • CAT 7: Integration Issues
  • CAT 8: Issues Escalated to Development
  • CAT 9: Administrative Issues

CAT 1 – 3 and CAT 7 are the most common queries we receive from our users. We commit to the following SLA times

SLA Times:

  • CAT 1 –Resolution within 6 working hours
  • CAT 2 – Resolution within 36 hours
  • CAT 3 – Resolution within 72 hours
  • CAT 7 – Resolution within 48 hours

Due to the complex and individual nature of the other CATs, their resolution times may vary significantly.

Please also note, it is critical that support queries are concisely logged, with the salient facts clearly stated. Please see the addendum on how to log the perfect support query.

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