How to set scheduled visits (call cycles)

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Scheduled visit or tasks can be set up form Skynamo Insights (i.e. web portal) or from your device. This article explains how to do this from the web portal. 

To see how to set up scheduled visits on the Skynamo app, click here for Android and here for iOS devices.

This article explains how you can set single scheduled visits for the clients using the two options. Both options are discussed.

If you would like to import a call cycle for a user of all the clients this user must see for a specified time, you can bulk import the whole call cycle. This option is discussed in the second part of the article.

Setting single scheduled visits

Option 1:  Simply go to Customers on your selection bar, search and select the required customer.

Once you have selected the customer, navigate to the overview tab (underneath the customer name) and then select the "Add visit" button on scheduled visits on the right-hand side. 



Select the user for whom the visit should be scheduled. Then, choose the date and time that the visit should be scheduled for. A visit can also be scheduled for the day, meaning the user has the whole day to complete the visit. Once all the required details is entered, click on "Create".


The scheduled visit will now appear in under the "Scheduled visits" header on the right-hand side of the customer's overview page.



Option 2: Navigate to the Calendar tab on the selection bar. Click on the plus sign at the date that you want to schedule the visit for. When asked what event you would like to add, select "Scheduled visits". 

Search for the customer that you would like to schedule the visit for.


Populate the rest of the options according to your preferences, and click on "Create".


If successfully created, the entry will now appear on your calendar.

Bulk importing of scheduled visits

Download the template for importing scheduled visits, by click here and then selecting the "Tasks Template" to download.

Populate the template according to the specifications set out in the "Index" sheet within the template. An example of this is given below. For this example, a visit at the customer with code "SPA032" will be scheduled every week for the remainder of April and May at the specified dates.


Save the populated spreadsheet.

To upload the specified scheduled visits, select the settings option on the top-right corner on the Skynamo web page, and choose imports in the list on the left. Then click on ‘import tasks’.


Click on "Browse" to select the sheet that you have just populated with the scheduled visits. Once you have selected the correct sheet, click on "File Select". 


You will now see a summary table of the tasks that you will import. Click on the blue "Import tasks" button. The import will now run. If the import has been successful, you will be notified, stating the import was successful.


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