How to negotiate the best price using sneaky stock levels

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With a large product database, it is always good to know what your margin for negotiation is when you are doing quotes or orders with customers if you are allowed to provide discounts.

On Skynamo you can create a warehouse and assign the relevant stock levels per product, but now, instead of assigning stock levels insert your cost price here or an amount that will assist your field user when placing the order/quote to work out the profit margins. This will then assist them to easily going through the products while seeing the prices they can negotiate to.

On your Quote/Order page select the Warehouse used for this purpose, in our case “Negotiation Price” warehouse.

You will now at a glance be able to see the "stock level" below the product name, and also the negotiation price to the right. Click on your blue arrow to continue to the next page.



To use the example of the Aqua Dynamic Duo, the current price is R250.00 and according to my “stock level” I can negotiate down to R180.00.




Once you have checked your prices make sure to go back and choose your usual warehouse for the quote or order by selecting the back arrow at the top left of the screen.

This feature can also be used for other information you think may be valuable.

Clever, hey!

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