Why am I receiving blank (empty) call reports?

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Blank reports are usually as a result of two reasons:

  • The user did not log any activities (visits, quotes, forms, orders etc.).
  • The user was not in sync at the time the report was generated.


Example of a blank Call Report:


In the case of the second option, a user often manages to complete the sync after the report was generated (since the report is usually generated early in the morning, often the tablet only connects to the internet once working for the day has started). In this case, all the day’s visits (including all info with correct time and GPS data is uploaded).


The call report can then easily be downloaded by doing the following:

  • Navigate to Skynamo Insights
  • Select “Reports”
  • Select “Call Report”
  • Select the relevant filters (date, user etc.),
  • Select download option and “save”

You can also see how to download the report by clicking here.

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