Why are my kilometers accumulated on Skynamo different from my odometer?

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It is important to note, that Skynamo does not actually "track" users using our own custom software. We make use of publicly available APIs such as Google's location Services to collect and display GPS points. Skynamo as an application is therefore dependent on the device and its firmware in order to correctly display these GPS tracks. GPS tracks should therefore never be used as a definitive proof of movement, but as an useful guideline.

Skynamo uses three main methods to determine location.

The first is GPS (which tends to be very accurate). However, when a GPS signal is not available due to bad reception, then we use cell phone triangulation, which uses the 3 closest cell phone network towers, and sends a signal between them, trying to pin-point the location of the device. Usually, then you get that textbook “crow’s nest” cluster effect when inside a building. A similiar effect is created by our third location awareness detection form: Wifi Hotspots.

Due to Skynamo's dependence on Location Services and the many variations in devices and software, we introduced odometer readings into Skynamo so that users can accurately capture their kilometers themselves.


Simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings


2. Preferences


3. Tick the box – “Use odometer reading”


To see how to log your odometer readings correctly, please click here if you are an Android user, and click here if you are an iOS user.


If you feel that your device's location services are problematic, please feel free to browse our Help Center for possible solutions, alternatively log a support ticket via this website, or by mailing support@skynamo.com .

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