Battery life issues

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Here are a few things to consider when you are struggling with the battery life on your mobile device: 

  • Have they tried a different charger?
  • Are you using mobile data or Wi-Fi?
    • If mobile data is on, is Wi-Fi off?
    • If Wi-Fi is on, is mobile data off?
  • Is the Bluetooth on or off?
  • Turn off screen rotation
  • Screen brightness setting?
    • Set to auto and move slide to around 30%
  • Don’t use wall papers that change or move
  • Switching off or deleting the weather function on home page can also save power
  • Don’t download games
  • Go to apps and running to see what apps are running
    • Deactivate and uninstall apps not used
    • YouTube consumes power
    • Facebook and messenger apps consumes power
  • When not using an application sign/log out of the application and close it
  • Make picture sizing smaller (not always necessary)

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