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One of Skynamo’s greatest strengths is our ability to function fully when there is no internet connectivity.

All data is stored locally on the device, until an internet connection is restored and the data can be sent up to Skynamo's cloud servers.

Skynamo can function without internet activity, however if the app is without connectivity for more than 2 hours, one of two error messages might appear:


This does not mean Skynamo is “broken” in any way!

All interactions and visits can still be successfully completed, the data is just stored on the device and uploaded to the server at a later stage.

If you have received an error message as above, please perform the following troubleshooting checks.

  • Check that the flight mode is turned “off”
    • Settings > Connections/Connectivity > Flight Mode (off)
  • Please ensure you have Wi-Fi connection or that your mobile data is turned on.
    • Settings > Connections/Connectivity > Mobile Data (on) / Wi-Fi (on)
  • To refresh your data settings, turn your data off and on again
    • Settings > Connections/Connectivity > Mobile data/ Wi-Fi
  • Check that you are connected to the internet by trying to “Google” a word eg."Weather" mceclip1.png 
    • If the “Google” page does not load or gives the ‘no internet connection’ message, check your device data balance.

Skynamo relies on many services and functions on your device and to work optimally it must not be restricted.

      • Therefore, please check that battery saver/ power saver is turned off.
        • Settings > Device Care/ Device Maintenance > Battery > Power saver (off)
      • Ensure battery optimization for Skynamo is turned off
        • Settings > Apps/Application Manager > Skynamo > Battery > Optimizations > All apps > Skynamo > Not Optimized
        • To see how to switch OFF battery optimization for Lenovo, click here. 
      • To save your data on Skynamo, your device's storage space is used.
      • The app needs a minimum of 900mb to save data on your device.
        • Check your available storage space and delete apps and files until you have more than 900mb of free storage on your device.
          • Settings > Device Care/ Device Maintenance > Storage > Available space

Certain settings are specific to iOS devices. If you make use of one, please also check the following:

  • Ensure your time settings are set to 24-hour time (not 12-hour time)
    • Settings> General > Date and Time > 24-hour time

Once you have performed the above checks, please restart your device to ensure all changes are being implemented.

If none of these steps work to get you in sync (so that the sync button stops “spinning” and that it does not show a red exclamation mark anymore), then please contact Support on: 0861 345 345 or email


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    Dean Hall

    mine doenst do anything after that, It just continues to say 472 items left


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