Setting up Warehouses in Skynamo

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Warehouses are set up on Skynamo Insights (i.e. Web portal).

Warehouses are created so that when processing an order, quote or credit request, the correct people are notified of this. Therefore, when creating a warehouse, you will be given the option to add email recipients. If an order (or quote and credit request) is processed, a copy of the order is sent to the email recipient specified under the warehouse.

Warehouses can also be used to setup stock levels of products. It is important to note, the stock levels do not change when an order is done. Stock levels are manually edited. For more information on how this is done, click here.

To see how to setup warehouses on Skynamo, see below.

Adding and configuring warehouses

Under your Settings on the Web Interface you have your warehouses page. From here you can see the current Warehouses that have been added for your company.


By clicking on any of the warehouses you can add the necessary details. You can add the emails that Orders, Quotes or Credit requests should be sent to when the user uses this specific warehouse.


Once you have added the necessary e-mails remember to save.


This will enable field users to select the warehouse that you have setup when they process an order, quote or credit request.



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