Android "Enable Sync" Popup or "!" mark still visible even if in sync

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Our developers are aware of this issue and are developing a fix that will be released in the next update. More specifically, it may show the "!" on the sync status even though they are in sync or a popup that says "Enable sync" or "Ignore for now":


Please pass on the screenshots to your team that indicate the solution for the time being. Please note that the name of these settings may be named different. 
Click on Device Settings and "Accounts and backup" -> Then "Manage accounts" -> Scroll down until you see "Honeybee" -> Then click on "Sync account" 
It will then give you the below screen -> Please then click on the three vertical dots and "Sync now" -> It will give a refresh icon and show if it has synced or not. 
Once this is in sync or completed, the reps will need to click on "Ignore for now". 
The fix will be released soon. Please be on the lookout for an update in your Google Play Store, here is the link: 


Please do not hesitate to contact our support team either on if you need further assistance. 

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