Converting a Quote to an Order on Android

It is very easy to convert a quote to an order when using Skynamo Field. 

Simply locate the quote either under the Timeline on the customer profile and click on the word Quote submitted at..., which will be a hyperlink, opening the next page.


You can now decide whether you wish to edit the quote to an order by selecting the paper icon or convert the quote by selecting the shopping cart.


If you need to edit the quote first, you will see the below screen.

This is the same screen you see when starting a new quote. Select the blue arrow icon to continue.


You can now make the needed changes to the order by adding or removing items as requested by the client. Select the blue arrow icon to continue.

Complete the rest of the order details as required, you can select the signature icon, and hand the device over to the client to sign. Then select the blue arrow icon to proceed to the finalizing step.


After ensuring everything is correct by checking the order summary, select the paper jet icon to submit the order.


Under the Timeline tab in the client profile, you will now see the quote and the order as and when they were placed.

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    Note that quotes cannot be edited or converted to orders from the Admin/Manager interface.


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