Getting started to connect Skynamo to Xero

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Here are a few easy steps to get Skynamo connected to Xero:

1. Please ask our Integration Team to authorise your setup by sending a mail to . Once authorisation has been confirmed, move to step #2.

2. Log in to your Skynamo instance to and click on the settings icon



3. Select the Integrations option in the menu on the left.



4. Click the connect button next to the Xero integration.



This will open the Xero login page. (unless you have an active session already in which case this step will be skipped)



After login, Skynamo will request access to the Xero instance. Please “allow access”.




Once connected the Xero information will be imported in Skynamo. The first import can take a few minutes to complete. The connected organisation will be indicated on the integration page. 



Imports can be scheduled by specifying a polling schedule. This can be done in the settings on the integration page.  Please have a look at these considerations before adjusting the integration settings.


For more information or for custom integration changes please contact



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