Advantages of integration

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Having accurate information in the sales conversation is key in closing deals and building good relationships with your customers.  Here are some examples of integration and advantages that are in use today.

By integrating Skynamo with your accounting software, you are able to show account details, terms of payment, billing information and credit limits on the customer details in Skynamo. Invoices and transactions are available in the customer history.  All of this information is available on the Skynamo Field application, even when offline. This empowers the sales team to make decisions on the road.  In addition, orders, quotes and credit requests placed on Skynamo can automatically be sent to your accounting system, reducing phone calls and administration and eliminating human input errors.

Integrating Skynamo with your ERP software can make valuable product information available to the sales teams. Stock levels and production levels at various warehouses and exact pricing of your products are available right in the Skynamo order interface. This includes support for bulk discounts, price brackets, buy-free (BOGO), buy-groups, contract pricing and much more. This visibility reduces the number of products ordered while ‘out of stock’ and products ordered at the wrong price as well the time and cost wasted on the overheads these problems cause.

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