How to log a Support Ticket

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We use a support ticketing system called Zendesk.

Customers can log a ticket automatically by emailing or by calling the Skynamo Support Hotline on +27 861 345 345 (South Africa), +44 203 150 0217 (United Kingdom) or +1 917 242 3582 (United States of America),


Log a ticket *
Send an email to with the problem you are experiencing.

* How to log a ticket via email

Make your subject line relevant (ie. Company Name – Issue)

Log different tickets for different issues (In other words, report one issue per ticket.)

Give as much detail as possible, even if you feel it might be irrelevant.

Describe the steps to reproduce the error that you are experiencing.

Provide some form of evidence of the error. Suggestions are: debug logs, screenshots, or videos.


Call us
Contact us on +27 861 345 345 (South Africa), +44 203 150 0217 (United Kingdom), or +1 917 242 3582 (United States of America), if you would like to talk to one of our friendly support team members.


FAQ Page
Alternatively, you can have a look at our FAQ page. It is simple to use and most of our commonly encountered questions are all answered here:


Please note: We deal with a large amount of support tickets every day and by following the steps above, you make the jobs of the support team easier and greatly improve the speed at which your ticket can be resolved.

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