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Skynamo allows you to add and manage your own To-do list on the same device and program you use every single day whilst working with your customers. 

Your manager or team leader can also add tasks, reminders and even schedule customer visits to your To-do list, allowing you to follow real-time updates and cut time spent on checking e-mails and phone calls to and from the office.

In the above image, the number indicated in the circle refers to the number of To-Do's (Tasks/Scheduled Visits) and reflects the number of tasks overdue, or to be completed. In this example, there are 8.

To add a task, open the To-do on the bottom navigation, and select the blue +


You will then be directed to the Create new task page, where you can add specific information about the task.

  1. Specify Task - Describe what it is that needs to be done in detail.
  2. Customer - You can add the task under the customer profile if the task is related to a specific customer only. If it is a general task, you may leave the Customer field blank.
  3. Select the Due date from a calendar using the drop-down arrow.
  4. Set Time, if the task needs to be completed before a certain time.
  5. Set a Reminder for the task if applicable by selecting the option using the drop-down arrow.

Once you have completed all the information for the task, select the tick mark at the top of the screen to load it to your To-do list.

Any pending tasks will be marked on the date that the action is due and listed underneath the calendar to show the task details.

You can mark a task as completed by ticking the box to the left of the relevant task.
The only way to remove a scheduled visit is to log a customer visit when you are on site.

After selecting a date, the outstanding tasks and visits will show for that day.

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