Re-sending Orders, Quotes or Credit request

There can be many reasons you might need to resend an order, quote or credit request. All 3 are done in the same way, I am going to use resending an order as an example. 

First navigate to your Reports tab:



Search for order, quote or credit note listing. Here I will select the Order listing:



At the order listing search using the reference number, or filter by date and user to find the order you are looking for:



The search results will list the products individually listed in the order. Click on any one of the products to open the full order:



Once you have the full order open click on the resend e-mail block. This will send the e-mail to the recipients who were previously added to the order:



Once the email has been sent you will see the following notification:


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    Integration notes: When resending an order and integration exists, it also attempts to push the order via integration again.  This is useful for the case that the order failed due to a restriction that is now been lifted.


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