How to activate a previously deactivated customer

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It may be that you have previously deactivated a customer, but would like to reactivate the customer for some reason. This process can be done if a customer has been either deactivated or deleted from your customer database. Keep in mind we remove visibility of the customer but we do not delete the data. Below we will show you how to reactivate the customer and restore the details.

Note, this can only be done on Skynamo Insights (i.e. Web portal).

Navigating to the deactivated customers

Navigate to your Customers tab. By default, when you click on your Customers tab in the menu bar, you will see your active customers. To reactivate an inactive customer, you first need to apply the filter so that all your inactive customers are shown.





Activating the customer

Select the tick block to the left of the customer name. Then proceed to activate the customer by clicking on the activate button at the top.




Assigning the correct users to the reactivated customer

Remember to assign the correct users to this customer once you have activated them. You can do this on the right hand side of the customer's profile, under the overview tab. Here you will see if any users are already assigned to the customer (by default it will be the users who were assigned to the customer before it was deactivated the first time). 

If you want to assign the customer to an additional user, click on the Add User button and select the relevant user. Specify the visit frequency or click Save.


Alternatively, you can view the customer assignments, and manage assignments by ticking the block again, and then selecting the Manage Assignments button.


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