How to make an announcement to all users

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Skynamo allows Insights users to send a broadcast message to all of their users in the field. This message will pop up on their mobile devices and notify them of the message.

Note, for this to happen, the users must have enabled notifications to be received from the Skynamo app. If they have disabled notifications from Skynamo, they will not see the announcement. To do this, go to your device settings > Notifications and enabled it for Skynamo. If you do not come right, please contact our Support team on 0861 345 345.

Making an announcement

To send an announcement, simply log into Skynamo Insights and then click on the "Announcement" icon in the top right-hand corner:


All you need to do is type the message and then click "send":


The message that you have sent as an announcement will come up as a notification on the devices of all the users.

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