Working with nested drop-down boxes

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I will start by explaining nested enumerator fields. We use these fields when an option chosen will have different options leading from it. A good example would be regions, where the user first chooses the province, and then a specific town in the province. 

Below we will go through this option using the example of a competitor review. Here I want to ask my user which competitors are present at the customer, and under each competitor which competing products are being stocked.

First in your form builder go to your Add a question field:

On this field choose the Drop Down Box option. For this activity we are specifically choosing a Nested multi select:

Once you have selected the Drop Down nested multi select the following will appear. The first thing to do is to add a title for your question. Here we are looking at competitors and competing products for our company:

Once you have added a title it is time to add the first level options, which in this case will be the competitors. Click on option one:

On the right you can add the title as well as the different options you want your users to choose from:

I now want to add the products under each competitor. To do this I select the competitor (in the example below I selected Watsons):

I have named this level Products, and I can now add the different SubOptions as per my competitor Watsons.

Below you can see the products I add on the right are reflected as the product options for Watsons. I can now go through each of the competitors adding the product options for each.

Remember to save the form once you have added all the options. Also remember to make sure the configuration has been set up properly.

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