Adding a new Pricelist and editing in bulk

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The following steps will guide you to create a new pricelist in Skynamo as well as adding prices to this pricelist. Firstly, you will have to create the new price list on Skynamo Insights (i.e. Web portal). Then, you will have to download and populate the Excel spreadsheet of your products. Lastly, your will have to import your newly populated spreadsheet.

Creating the new price list

Initially, you will simply create the price list on Skynamo. Only in the next step will you specify the costing of products on the new price list. This section explains how to create a price list.

First, navigate to your Products tab and select Pricelists to the left:

Then proceed to click the blue Add price list button to the right of the screen.


Once you have chosen this option the following dialogue page will open. You can now add the pricelist name. You can also choose if the pricelist includes or excludes VAT:

Adding the correct product prices for your new price list

After you have created the new price list, this list will appear if you export your product, but there will not be any values for the new price list. In this step, we explain how you can enter the correct values for each product.

First, navigate to your products tab. Click on the download all button to download the Excel file.


An Excel spreadsheet will be downloaded of your complete product database. On this spreadsheet, all the different price lists that you have previously uploaded will also appear. Click on the downloaded file.


On the open Excel sheet, you will see different columns with the product details, that is then followed by the different pricelists that have been added for your company - in this example they are Wholesale, Minimum and Cost. Your newly created pricelist - CBA Cost Price - will also be included. Notice that the other price lists have values, but the new one does not yet have any values. (Wholesale, Minimum and Cost are all price lists that have previously imported for this example - you will thus not have these columns, unless you have price lists with those names.)

Now, you can add the prices for this pricelist, by entering the values in the column of the new price list.

Once you have updated the Excel sheet, save it where you will easily find it again.

Importing the price list spreadsheet

You will now have to import the newly populated spreadsheet. This section shows this process.

On Skynamo navigate to your Settings:


Navigate to Imports. From the Imports list choose import products on the right-hand side:


This will now open your dialogue to import your product information, which includes your new pricelist. Click on Browse to browse for the Excel sheet you created, and then on File Select to start the importing process. Your pricelist will now be visible to your users once their devices have synced:

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