How to select a Minimum or Warning Price List

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If your field users have the permission to edit and negotiate prices at customers, you may want to put a limit in place that keeps users from negotiating prices that are too low. This is where a minimum price list comes in handy. 

It may also be that you would like to notify your users, if the prices that they are negotiating are below a certain value, but still allow them to negotiate those prices. In this instance, the warning price list becomes applicable.

Skynamo allows you to specify one of your price lists as the minimum price list. The list that is then uploaded under this setting, will contain the lowest possible prices that your users can choose for products. Similarly, you are able to specify one of your price lists as a warning price list.

Two examples are given below. The normal price for the product is R77.00. On the minimum price list, the price is R38.50 and on the warning price list, the price is R61,60. When an order or quote is processed, the user will not be able to process it on the left-hand screenshot, since the price the user chose is below the price on the minimum price list. On the right-hand screenshot, the user will be able to process the order or quote, but will be notified that it is below the warning price list.


Note, this is not a necessity and is simply something to help your company. You do not have to create a completely new price list either, and can simply choose any of your existing price lists. If you existing price lists do not suffice, you can upload a new price list and use that as your minimum or warning price list. If you are unsure how to upload a price list, click here.

The remainder of this article explains how you can select a minimum or warning price list.

Selecting a minimum or warning price list

Once you have logged on to Skynamo, select "Products". Then, select, "Price lists":

You will see all your price lists on this page. Scroll to the bottom until you reach the "Warning price list" and "Minimum price list" field. You can then simply select which price lists should constitute the minimum and warning price lists.

Lastly, click on "Save".




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