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You can use multiple currencies on Skynamo, should you need to place a Quote or Order for a customer in a different currency. This setting cannot be undone, so do be sure you would like to use this before making this change.

You will also be setting up a base currency for your company, and this is a once-off process that cannot be undone.  The base currency will be dependent on your main country of business, eg. If you are based in the USA it will be USD, and if you are based in South Africa it will be ZAR. All your reporting will be in this base currency, while your team can now place Quotes and Orders in other currencies as and when needed.

You will need to set this up under your settings first. Navigate to your settings and your configuration to start.

At the configuration, click on the button to Enable multi-currency.

Choose the base currency for your company.


You will get the above message popping up, which includes which settings/details will be affected by this change. Go through the details, enter your company name in the text box, and click on Confirm.

Once this is done you have successfully enabled multi-currency for your company, and you can add additional currencies for your company. See the following article for information on this:

If you have any queries or need assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team by mailing or call:

SA: +27 861 345 345

USA: +1 917 242 3582

UK: +44 203 150 0217

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